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Frederick Fullerton

Purgatory / United States


In this part of New England, farmers normally cut hay three times in a season. With luck they may cut four times, weather permitting. The final haying will be sometime from mid to late October. The photo shows a field, part of which has been recently hayed. Another part has been planted with corn.

A quick voyage on Narragansett Bay from Pawtuxet Cove to Hog Island and back. Disclaimer: The actual time on the water was quick, but spent more time on the island. Total time of trip: ca. 2.5 hours.

A Change in the Air

There’s a time when the sun

no longer feels warm

and an extra layer of clothing

replaces shorts and sandals

for the first time since spring

the furnace fires to ward off

the morning chill before rising

the sun rises ever later

it’s still early for winter gear

but lingering thick morning fog

foreshadows frost and worse

time to supplant cotton with wool

the change in the air is not just weather

it’s a far more frightening change,