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Xavier Dallet aka Chan Somethingstar, is a visual artist working on internet. Dallet was born in Villeneuve sur Lot in the South of France in 1980. After spending his childhood in Dakar, he moved to Normandy, where he first studied under Jacques Pasquier, his mentor in painting. He then pursued further studies at the School of Arts in Caen (1994-97), Cherbourg (2001-03) and Le Havre (2004-07). He moved to Paris in 2006 where he attended the school of photography, Efet (2015).

Since childhood, Xavier lived and studied with feelings that mixed mysticism with reveries about life in general. This was expressed through several art experiences, painting, conceptual objects and photographic "ready-mades". In his photographic exploration of "ready-mades", with a small toy washing machine (from Paris to Rabat from 2006 to 2014), he realized that his objects of study were about his presence on internet, for example, an avatar he made in 2008-09. This discovery led him to stop painting and progressively, studio arts altogether in the sense that since his time at the Efet school of photography, internet had become his canvas and the brush, for exploring his feelings.

Dallet has been involved with the art collectives, Le Baobab and Perfect Users for the past four years. He investigates his art mainly through "Messenger", where he has ephemeral conversations on two themes : the composition of a column and playing with images from popular culture. After two years of sharing more than 200,000 images on Baobab, he has been working on the examination of phone art with over 700 videos of less than a minute. Xavier makes digital collages through social networks while exploring his own sense of existence or non-existence. He uses networks as a conceptual mirror of his being in which he applies the opposite of art, a reality by the second because internet has no memory.