AZ aka Splice Poet LKL |

AZ aka Splice Poet LKL


The Dance called self projection

With a steady green flow waxing in our bells

We find harmony

Your waist rotates, sensually by the step

My neck never roams horizontally but gradually across to your inducing horizon Twirl, swirl, curl

Unwrap the embrace

Hands should touch


We have a sanging melody

We portray it in our carefree rhythm

Hands should touch; but we move around

Stay around or dance in place

Sunny lit faces peel; One hand wet, another hand greasy

Twirl swirl curl

The trees dance with us, we are their wind

The trees dance we are their sirens, it echoes in the wind

Unwrap the embrace, as we fall between together

Old glam glibs on; we move on

If we will stop we will turn to wood. Nowhere to escape too

The music is the line in our swaggered limbs

Faster we twirl, we swirl, we curl

We are dancing with gnarled smiles, tossed hair brushes my hand, and stare in the momentary


Hands in open air: yet not touching

The Teary Shoe

When I Z to death Jordan, Always believing to trust

I jammed my hot rod with mature hallucination

Asphyxiating in the jiwi my piwi came to dream of our roll

She is just hot encinder and please accelerate my cheetah heart with mortal weakness Sugar cannot define a better high

We could hold a kiss in the smokey street

Zip up my jacket on you and I will phrase my touch

Dance by the pool, I cannot afford the leather but I got a collar tied to jniss

The meds nurse me to you I grin at your sparkling eyes

I fox your poke a hot dot black navel with a less than circle feel

Riding a toned loned awi

Beezy we can be by grace and rhythm

I raced last to ace a step closer only for a kiss

You might be sore at me like a rough spiky thorn but

I cannot stand alone so speak of the devil unveil my eyes with your highness Your fabulous hair joints my eyes

Aching for your chin and sweet neck in the dark

A black jacket a heroine brain

The only injection I need is the truth of

Everything for you and a sweet thing for me

Sticky icky were near the Fertile wertile

A Other Dream

I am not atleast perfect

I crave your touch the pick and a pinch

Perhaps something went right dreams lie open

I want to know your name

So I call you Anjelica, I cherish a dragged sight

Have I only said: you are a good kisser

Shorten woo’s heart; pump your eyelids repeatedly

I decipher your language

You would be my experience

I do not hold my breath

Caringly tell me

We could pant lust’s reached tongue

Grip my finger and I will braze your thigh

You sour head; my smoked mind

Ahead of this section, I sedict

Can I lech, wax my tongue

My nose could tuck with your chin as I honey under lick your throat I cannot close another eye. Lids are heavy

A fire fierce will be missed

A secret desire right in your face

Every morning a thought of you

Only relevant to now know